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Alexander + Roberts: Branding

An established company of 60+ years, General Tours World Traveler’s branding no longer reflected the tour operator’s specialized offerings.

The Brief

  • Create a new brand identity for General Tours
  • Speaks to and motivate target clientele
  • Reflect the company’s personality
  • Highlight the company’s product offerings and uniqueness


  • Myriad conducted trade and market research through General Tours’ past passengers and travel agents to provide a holistic picture of the perceptions about the company and its name.
  • Myriad learned that the company is most associated with exotic destinations and known for having a unique range of product that can be customized.
  • Myriad also discovered that General Tours’ clients are highly itinerary-conscious and are most interested in learning, culture and history.


  • Enthusiastic Industry and client support
  • A new brand identity for the company as Alexander + Roberts, a name reflecting the tour operator’s rich history. Derived from the names of the founder, Alex Harris, and current president, Robert Drumm who both had profound influence on the character of the company.
  • A new tagline for the company “Original Journeys since 1947”, embodying their unique tours and heritage
  • A new logo and visual identity for the brand
  • Brand imagery reflecting exotic destinations, deep cultural engagement and the diversity of product offered